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Moving forward by Pantzar
Moving forward
Hey guys!
Been pretty bored of the ponies latetly, so decided to draw something else! Furry!Strifer on a ship. Not sure what specie she is yet, some sort of wolf or fox I guess.

Recently I’ve been hitting up the Scott Robertson’s series on how to draw, and render, it’s all done with pen and paper however so I have nothing to show for it. (It’s mostly perspective techniques and exercises anyway so nothing interesting for the majority of you guys.)

Moving on…
When I started this tumblr it was mostly to post pony artwork but that’ll change in the future as Ill branch out to other subjects. There, you’ve been warned. The rate of me updating will most likely be the same though, so Ill see you all in another few months. ;)
Hi long time no see.

Been gone for a while, mainly because of I now have a job working as a IT/Webbmaster and Designer for Cupola Mälardalen. (Company takes care of everything that has to do with making sure a building is as firehazard safe as possible and everything involving that.) It's not very hard work if Im honest but yet it has left me without a will to draw anything, hence the lack of posts.

I might get back to it one day, might not. If you want to stick around thats cool, if not I don't blame you.

Just wanted to say that Im fine and still alive, just not around these parts. ^^




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I started to draw back in November 2011 after discovering MLP.

Drawing with a mouse as my first tool for a few months before buying a tablet.

My goal is to always learn something new and develop everytime I draw.

"Without some goal and some effort to reach it, no one can live." -Fyodor Dostoyevsky


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